Welcome to Wal-Mart, This is Jenni!

Tonight I was on a cleaning and organizing spree – and I needed canisters for my baking ingredients…STAT.  I buzzed over to Wal-Mart knowing the Black Friday crowds would have died down by late evening and quickly located the canister aisle. 

I stood there for a long time weighing my options.  I did not want to make a hasty decision and regret my canisters.  As I was standing there, a phone started to ring.  It was the Wal-Mart phone located on a pole in my aisle.  I glanced around a bit irritated as it continued ringing…where were the associates?  Where were the blue vests?  Where were the yellow smiley face buttons?  Nowhere. 

The phone continued to ring.

And ring.

And ring.

Finally, after about 947 rings, I walked over and I answered it.  Yes, I answered the Wal-Mart phone:
Jenni:  “Hello?”
Lady:  “Who is this?”
Jenni:  “Wal-Mart.”
Lady:  “Is this the Bedding Department?”
Jenni:  “No, this is the canister department.”
Lady:  “Well, are you close to the Bedding?”
Jenni:  “Um, I don’t think so.”
Lady:  “Well could you please transfer me to Bedding?”
Jenni:  “I’m really sorry ma’am, but I’m not sure how to do transfers.  Would you mind calling back?”
Lady:  “Alright.”


A moment later, RIIIING…RIIIIIING….RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!  Still no blue vests.  Still no associates.  Sigh.  I reached for the phone again, with the intention of putting the woman on hold to go check on what she needed in the Bedding Department and then I thought, “WHAT am I DOING?!?!  I’ve got canisters to purchase!”  So I abandoned her.  She may have rang all night long for all I know.

My guilty concience for leaving her behind will always be with me.

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