Turkey Day 5K…Local Edition!

I had planned on doing the Turkey Day 5K in Minneapolis on Thanksgiving…however, it seemed too tricky to get there, find my walking buddies, register, walk, go home, shower, make food, and drive up to my parents…

Plan B turned out even better!  I decided there was no reason I couldn’t just rally some friendly faces in my hometown and have our own walk!  Eight brave souls attended the Turkey Day 5K…Local Edition and it was SO FUN.  We talked, laughed, sniffled, bundled, and of course walked.  With about 1/2 mile left, my dad said that next year he was only going to sign up for the Half-K 🙂  I was then informed by my friend that my {completely unplanned 5K route} was actually 3.8 miles instead of 3.2 – oops!  Well, either way, it was a great way to start the day!  Thanks participants!  🙂  Next year I’m getting t-shirts, so mark your calendars…

TD5K Participants Left to Right: Emily, Jenni, Mark, Greg, Blair, Ann Marie, Julie, Shelly

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  • Hilarious….looks fun! Next year I will have to keep this in mind if I'm in the Cambridge area. Melissa should be recovered from baby #5 and could run it with me, right Miss?

  • OH, I wish I had known about this! I so would have been there! Can you keep me in mind for next year, please!?!

  • is it only a walk, so a run too?
    I'd love to walk it, but not if I'm the only one and everyone else is sprinting away from me… are there genuine walkers?

    looks like a fun fun time!

  • I meant to say
    is it only a walk, OR a run too?

    Not so a run too..


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