Shocking News…and it’s NOT my new nailpolish!

Welcome!  How can I help you?  Would you like a stress-relieving neck/shoulder massage?  How about some tea?  Close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax.  Kids, lunch is ready!  Sure, one more piggy back ride…  One soy almond latte with an extra shot of espresso {“Jennnnn! Sam pooped again!!!”} …make that two THREE extra shots.  Happy Holidays, this is Jennifer, what can I do for you?  Yes.  Yes!  YES! YES!!!!!

Besides working over 60 hours this week & having another minor leg surgery/treatment, EVERY single night after work I had SOMETHING going!  I would leave bright and early, then dash to night classes or bible study, or a dinner date, or a class meeting…only stopping for caffeine and gas fill-ups!  I don’t love being this busy, but I knew the end was {sort-of} in sight.  Tonight I went to church after work.  It was a great way to end the week…then I practically stripped off my work clothes as I dashed up the stairs to my apartment, smiling in anticipation for what I have been looking forward to ALL WEEK LONG!

For an entire week I have planned to stop at Walgreens on my way home from church to pick up a new nailpolish.  Instead of flipping on lights when I got home, I lit candles.  On went Bing Crosby, out came the dessert wine and chocolate, and in came the deep breath.  Deep breath.  I have vacuuming, cooking, Christmas shopping, studying, and bill paying to get done.  But tonight, those can wait.  Tonight, I’ve Got Mail.  Well, actually my roommate has the mail-key…but I’ve got twinkly lights and an all-time favorite DVD, You’ve Got Mail.  Don’t try to call me.  My phone is off.  And no mom, I’m not dead.

Also, on a personal note, I found out the WEIRDEST thing this week! I have curly hair. To you, it may not seem weird, but to me, the girl with STICK STRAIGHT hair that grew up not holding a single curl without a bottle of hairspray, found out that somewhere, SOMEHOW, she got curly hair. I’m shocked…and I hope you are too, because it really is shocking. SHOCKING! Alright, now leave me alone – Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and I are trying to relax here…

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  • Is this why you said on facebook that you are quarantined? I was worried when I read that……..:)
    And curly hair? Where did that come from? Fun surprise? You are cute curly or straight 🙂 Hope you had a relaxing night. Love you –

  • Love the hair! And love You've Got Mail! have a wonderful evening!

  • You've got mail is on my top 5 list of movies. LOVE IT!

    I just watched all of Anne of Green Gables, and Anne of Avonlea on Saturday. It was spectacular!

    I love movie days/nights!

    I'm surprised that you found your curly hair in the winter time, mine comes out in the summer when the humidity helps it along. Enjoy it while it's here.

  • I just found out that I HAVE CURLY HAIR TOO!!

    although, yours is a bit curlier

    I figure it out a few weeks ago. with a defuiser and some kind of hair gunk, I ALSO have gone from stick straight to a bit of wave!

    (it was the pregnancy for me…what the heck was it for you??!)

  • p.s. you are TOTALLY hot!

  • Such cute hair! Love it!

    Ahh, chick flicks and relaxing…love it!

  • Nail polish, wine, movie, chocolate. Hmmmm. All by candlelight. Sounds delightful. I'm going to have my husband read this blog.

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