Problems? I have no problems!

I admit it.  I am PERFECT. (it’s opposite day)  I have NO PROBLEMS. (denial?)  My life is ALWAYS easy. (gag reflex)  And there is never a day that I don’t wake up and handle life’s curve balls with grace, charm, and a confident hair flip.  (oh puh-lease!)

Alright fine.  You caught me.  The truth is, this Fall has been less than easy.  There came TWO times in which my eyeballs felt like they were just rolling around in my head, and my brain was so foggy, and my body was performing in such slow motion that I said to myself, “I think I am about to experience in full what a real, psychological, put-me-in-the-looney-bin, nervous breakdown feels like.”  The expression “hanging by a thread” was my reality for 4 solid months.  Where’s a paper bag to breathe into?!  Just the memories of those days makes my blood pressure rise!

I knew the end was in sight.  I knew that the combination of 3 leg surgeries, 4 speaking engagements, 14 undergrad credits, working anywhere from 40-60 work weeks, putting on a boutique with thousands (if not 20!) vendors, writing 3 magazine articles, being a bridesmaid/planning showers in an out-of-state wedding, the pressure of finals, my laptop crashing DURING finals, my car breaking down DURING finals, the $530 of unexpected repairs, demands of a social and family agenda, and weekly medical treatment on other ailments…The word “NO” was said often, but even so, the word “NO” was not enough to save me from an eye twitch and chronic stress related headaches!

Now here I sit with a medium soy almond latte warming my hands and the thought of January warming my heart.  Weird, huh?  Who would have thought that a Minnesotan could crave JANUARY so badly?!  You see, through my stress there is one word that has kept my feet moving, my brain functioning and my heart beating:  JANUARY.  I have had a secret plan all along to run away during January and do all things that make my heart come alive once more.

I have been stockpiling giftcards to get a massage AND a facial (satisfied sigh).  My snowshoes and cross country skiis are shined and sharpened, ready to hit the trails and breath deep the non-library air.  My money has been saved so that I could take a week off of work to “vacation” – 4 days in Chicago with my friend Melissa+5kids+her sister Rachel+husband+1 kid and then 3 days in International Falls, MN with my cousin to run the Freeze Yer Gizzard in a Blizzard 5K.  Well, she’ll be running, I’ll be crawling.  I cut back my weekly work load, and my secret plan involves going to READ at a coffee shop 1x week.  READ.  No laptop, cellphone, studying…just me, a book, and coffee.

The reason I write all of this is not only to make you jealous, but also to say that there is one other thing I’ve missed dearly.  Blogging.  Whether you read or not, I will be writing a post-per-day in January.  I love to write.  I love to blog.  And I’ve missed it!

So readers, I guess I’ll see you later.  No wait, I’ll see you tomorrow!

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