Hot Vacation Spot: MINNEAPOLIS!

I recently received a reminder in the mail that my driver’s license expires this February.  Initially I scoffed at their ignorance, as I clearly remember JUST getting a new one recently when I lived in Oregon.  It is a hard photo to forget, as I had just acquired adult braces and a bowl cut.  However, it did not take me long to remember that it has been over FOUR YEARS since I lived out there!
The friendships I made out there were so deep, so rich, so wonderful.  Well, at least I THOUGHT they were great friends – but as much as I try to paint Minnesota as a “hot vacation destination” for them so that they come and visit, always seems to get the better of them…until last week!
Meg, one of my dear roommates from out West, came for a visit.  She’s one of those friends where it seems that miles don’t matter, and time apart has no effect on our ability to start where we left off.  We stayed up way too late, ate way too many truffles, and talked for hours on end.  Of course, no “Sleepover with Jen” is complete without pulling out the beauty products for facials as well!  As sad as I was to see her go, it was SO FUN catching up and also having a friend who has seen where I live!  Thanks Megsies 🙂

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