Hand Over the Keys

Lately I’ve been pondering a question we have ALL asked ourselves at one point or another.  It is a question that deserves thoughtful consideration and in which there seems to be no easy answer to.  The question? 

If I found a genie in a lamp, what 3 wishes would I make? 

Of course there is the given, “World Peace” wish number one.  Then there is the typical wish number two, “$_______” {enter requested dollar amount there}.  Which leaves me with one wish left.  Today, my decision for wish number three was not a difficult one.  I wish that my car would grow a neck.  Why?  So I could WRING IT!!!  Violent?  Perhaps.  Understable?  Absolutely. 

Just a few weeks ago, after a friend of mine generously offered her husband’s talents to fix my brakes and windshield wipers for $150, something else under the hood discombobulated {I have no idea what that means – it’s just such a fun word to say!} wreaking havoc on my “New Car Savings Account”, stripping me of an additional $530.  I have had my car back for less than two weeks and when I went out to start it I noticed it WILL NOT GO IN REVERSE now!  Another car-friend of mine said that it was the transmission.  Which would explain why I could not go over 30MPH ON THE FREEWAY YESTERDAY!!!! 

As you can imagine, the frequency of these mishaps have left my muscles sore {pushing my car, ALONE, out of garages and parking spaces} and BROKE {my bank account, not my bones…yet!}.  While I do have a selfish desire to whine and take a sledgehammer to that little piece of….{deep breath}…anyways, like I was saying, it is tempting to focus on the negatives of starting my supposedly “stress free month” with yet another car dilemma.  It is tempting to panic and wonder how bills will be paid and gray-hair will be avoided.

I have worked really hard to pay off all debt in my life {besides the ever-looming school loans!}, and was so proud of myself to be saving to buy a car with CASH ~ in a recent moment of panic and a teeny-tiny bit of blame-shifting, I prayed, “Sooooo, NOW WHAT?!  Aren’t you supposed to keep my car in perfect working condition to honor my diligence in trying to pay cash?  Isn’t that the way you work?  I scratch your back, you scratch mine?  I do things YOUR way, and in return, you do things MY way?  Isn’t that the way you work?”

Dead silence.  I could tell my accusing finger was pointing in the wrong direction.  Like perhaps, at God instead of at my own heart.  Within the day, a friend of mine had heard of my car troubles and said, “I’ll drive my work truck and you can borrow our car till you get things figured out!”  A generous offer, considering the gas mileage comparison of the two. 

In a moment of humility, I was handed the key, and gently reminded that God’s answer was NO.  No, I don’t do things YOUR way.  And believe me, you don’t want me to…

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  • Oh, the stress….sometimes in my life I have to get to the point where the stress has worn me down into that familiar posture of submission…down on my knees before God. I've been known to point fingers in the wrong direction, pray that God's will could nicely line up with mine, or various other sinful and prideful things. I can relate! Thanks for sharing your story, your frustration, and your blessing.

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