Snowshoe Adventures

I like to think that I am good at giving gifts that is totally “them” – as in, the gift isn’t necessarily something I would pick for myself, but instead something I know that person would really love.  Well, several years ago, I confess that I slipped a bit in my thoughtfulness.  I had found a pair of snowshoes for 50% off at REI and knew that I could not let this offer pass me by.  My only dillema was that, once purchased, I had nobody to go with.
Cue sneaky thoughts.
I realized that not only was Christmas coming up, but also my friend Ann Marie’s birthday.  I gave her a call and said that I had found some snowshoes for 50% off and that I would give her 1/4 of them for Christmas, 1/4 for her birthday, and then she owed me the other 1/2.  I must be good at sales, because she took my offer and I made the purchase.
Over the past few years, I have been able to put them to great use.  Example: when there was a major snowstorm and nobody had come to plow where I lived, trapping me when I had to get to the bank.  Answer – SNOWSHOE TO THE BANK!  As fun as the Jenni Adventures are flying solo, none can compare to the annual “Jenni and Ann Marie Get Lost in the Woods…AGAIN!” saga.  Quick “jaunts” turn into long hours, sweaty brows and comments such as “I swear this is the right route!”
This Christmas we were not disappointed as the 3 of us (me, Ann Marie, and her child within!) trudged through the falling snow.  Always good memories…and ALWAYS a good workout!

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