Dave the Toe Man

Not a bad photo for being taken with my phone!  Well folks, turns out it wasn’t the transmission blowing that was the tragic ending to my car’s life.  Who would have thought that my inability to smell {anosmia = being born with a sense of smell} would be at fault?  Not I.  Not I.
The photo above is taken from inside a tow truck after my car SHUT DOWN in the middle of an exit during rush hour traffic.  Apparently I had an oil leak but couldn’t smell it.  The engine blew.  The car died.  I almost died of hypothermia waiting for Dave, the Tow Man {not to be mistaken for Dave the Toe Man}.
The joke of the day was that after downloading this photo into my computer, I couldn’t find it in my “Pictures” folder.  After doing a search, I found that it was accidentally {and IRONICALLY} saved in a folder titled “Faith Resources” ~ a place I store inspirational notes, messages, and now apparently photographs. Ha, ha, ha, choking sob…
Anyone need a housecleaner, esthetician, baby-sitter, shoe shiner, pole dancer, or errand runner?  Oh, and can I get ride…?

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