The Final Goodbye

Dear trusty station wagon,
I will never forget that day we met, six years ago.  Nannying for 2 little girls, I brought them to the used car lot and asked which car they liked.  They pointed to you and said, “That one!  We need a station wagon to haul all of our stuff!” The letters S-U-C-K-E-R must have been written on my forehead…I bought you.

The there was the time the teenage driver hit us, causing your airbag to nearly kill me.  And then remember how he sued me?  And won?  Oh yes, such sweet memories with you my trusty station wagon…

I recall packing you full with every item of clothing, picture frame, plastic tub, and Enrique Iglesias poster I could squash in – and driving 1,721 miles to Oregon to relocate.  With every pot hole in Montana, you bottomed out.  But you made it…and there were many great adventures with you in Oregon as well…

Like the time my friend Melissa and her daughter Ella came to visit, and we drove 20 miles into the desert with no cell phone service – LITERALLY – and you broke down.  Or when you ran out of gas in the middle of that same desert at 4am and a semi-truck driver had to give me a lift to the nearest town: Population 17.  Or when the landscape guys thought it would be funny to put a dead hawk on your driver’s seat.  Such memories oh trusty station wagon.

Yes, the lipgloss and bronzer stains all over the seat from too many “makeup mishaps” on the way to work will always be there – a reminder of the good old days.  The sun visor that was ripped off when *someone* apparently had really bad PMS and the visor wasn’t working properly will leave its mark forever as well.

I leave tomorrow for Chicago, dear trusty station wagon.  When I come home, you will be gone from my life forever…towed…de-parted {literally}.  Do not hate me for letting them rip you into a million pieces and sell all your parts for next-to-nothing dear wagon.  Children with cancer is a good cause, so remember that as your insides are being torn out.

If it makes you feel better, my insides will probably have to be sold too…ever since you died and I’m without a vehicle the money making options are leaning more and more in that direction.  No hard feelings though – who needs 2 lungs anyways?

I miss you already,
Jenni, proud owner donator of trusty station wagon, 1 lung, a spleen, and a kidney


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  • Oh Jenni, you and your writing! I love it! It draws me in.

    What's this about being sued?!?! where was I?!

  • It's always hard letting station wagons go isn't it? Once they come into our hearts, we are never the same again!

  • My sister has your luck with cars! I hate to brag because I treat mine so abusively and it has yet to disappoint me, but I promise I put it to good use… picking her up in the middle of nowhere 🙂 I hope your next car is a lot nicer to you!

  • If it helps you feel better, maybe someday some part of your trusty wagon will find its way to Grand Rapids, MN and be the saving grace for Dave's trusty Ford Escort.

  • It's always sad to see one go…but here it goes…Good Riddance! 🙂 Here's to a clean slate!

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