Story Preface: I got a new job; started Monday. I am a “Training Specialist”. Anything that has the word “specialist” in it sounds way cooler than it actually is…this is why I love my title. So, I now travel around the world training spas/medical facilities how to use all this equipment that are golden tickets to “the fountain of youth”. Me getting this job is kind of like the time I was biking and ran into a curb, ruining my bike and giving me a life-long Cankle (story for another day)…I didn’t see it coming, but I somehow ran right into it full-blast…the job, that is.

Job Perks: I’m in FLORIDA (currently 75 degrees warmer than Minnesota) observing a trainer on my first-ever business trip. Perks include…wake up calls, my meals are all paid for, and best of all, when I leave my hotel, little Keebler Elves show up and work their magic because when I get back in the evenings, I find my bed is made, my bathroom is clean, my garbage is empty and I have newly laundered towels folded into accordian fans!

Story of the Day: Today the spa staff was being trained to use an IPL (Intensive Pulse Light). Everyone in the room has to wear huge martian goggles while a crystal is laid on the skin and you hear a “pulse…pulse…FLASH!!!” (the FLASH part is like a blast of light as if a camera flash just exploded in front of your face) Okay, so they needed a test dummy (er, model). All eyes turn to me. The new kid. “Cool” I thought – “Free beautification”. I lay on the table wearing the goggles as they put green gel all over my face…a true martian. I gulp as the technician lays the crystal on my face and tells me to shut my eyes. I hear a “pulse…pulse…FLASH!” as the explosion of light blasts my face. Not so bad! They move it an inch and same thing – all over my face. Suddenly, nervous laughter and gagging is heard after I yell out in pain from a burning sensation. “Grab the cool compresses!” I hear. “What? WHAT?” I ask as I blindly lay there in goggles. Turns out, the new technician burnt off a chunk of my hairline and I now have some “spiky bangs”….AND A BALD SPOT!

Things To Do Tonight:
1. Ice Forehead
2. File Lawsuit
3. Pray that Spiky Bangs become the new trend

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  • Bill, Miss and our brood

    Of COURSE you ended up with a bald spot! Why wouldn’t you?? Is it lovley? Please take a picture and post it! =)

    I do have to say it is not fair that you have all your meals made and paid for, your house (aka room) cleaned with no extra expense on your part AND you get to have free beautification! I need to do that! =)

  • Jenni,
    I asked Miss for your blog site- I’m so excited to read stories that could only happen to you!!!
    I hope in spite of the injuries, you are enjoying your new job.
    What a blessing to have you in our life!

  • No way. No WAY! These things just don’t happen to people… Wow. Well, I have to agree with Miss, please take and post a picture of your new bald spot. As support to you my kids and I will shave a bald spot and get spiky bangs (picture Oran with scissors — maybe Jackson with scissors? Depends on the severity) too. We’ll spread the news and we WILL make this a new trend.

  • I sit here in my classroom at 8:10 on Thursday morning watching my students take their final exam. I decide to catch up on my Jenny Blog and find it extremely difficult to contain my laughter while reading. After all, it would be torture for my students to see me laughing in the front of the room about green gel and spiky hair when they are sitting and trying to figure out this hard Spanish final.

    Either way…you brightened my Thursday morning! Gracias Mi Amiga 🙂

    ~Jessi Brink

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