What Not to Wear: Jenni Edition

If I were ever to be nominated for “What Not to Wear” {which, unfortunately very well could happen judging by my apparel somedays}, I know EXACTLY what I would be busted for.  I would show up to New York with my entire wardrobe for Clinton and Stacy to examine.  One by one, they would hold up an assortment of zippable shirts.  They would stand next to me in the 360 mirror as I tried zippable shirt after zippable shirt on.  A not-so-eclectic mix of hoody-fleecy-workoutish-zippable shirts.  I would stutter and stammer and they would point and shake their heads. 

I have an addiction to zippable shirts.
Some are brand name with whicking capabilities.
Some are old, faded & stained.
Some cozy.
Some have short sleeves.
And some have 3/4 sleeves.
Some were gifts.
And some were awarded after Freezing my Gizzard…
Others were WORN while Freezing my Gizzard.
There are some that make me feel like Avril Lavigne.
And others that are soft and green.
I have zip-ups from Young Life.
There are some that I have never even worn {shameful head hang}.
Some are from old jobs.
And some of from old days {high school – YIKES!}
MANY are black.
And many are not.
And WHO, may I ask needs two zip-ups that are BLUE?
Apparently…I DO!!!!
Some of these zip-ups have crazy big necks.
And others are grungy with holes…and have seen better days.
I realize my addiction to all things with zippers and hoods must stop.  Sadly, when I took out all of these zippered shirts, my closet was nearly completely empty.  The items that were left I had forgotten I had!  I wear zippered-hooded items DAILY – which is why this week, I am sending myself on a What Not to Wear personal challenge…I cannot wear a zippered-hooded item for an entire WEEK. 
Better go change…

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  • This is hilarious! I've never seen so many zip-ups! I have a friend who has a similar situation, only with hooded sweatshirts. She gave herself a challenge at one point to wear one hoodie everyday to see how long it took her to get through them all. I'm pretty sure it was a long time. It doesn't sound like you have the problem of not wearing them though… 🙂

  • I started out reading this blog post shaking my head and thinking how rediculous you are…and then I looked down…guess what I am wearing. (it's blue)

  • Although – I think that I have only 5 zip ups compared to your TWENTY. I have gone back to shaking my head at my ridiculous sister.

  • ehem….I will take one or two

    since I have zero (ok ok…I have 1)

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