It’s a Breeze…

I dyed my hair red-{dish} the beginning of January in hopes that by the time my regrowth was showing, my car troubles would be behind me.  With my roots still intact and a good week or two ahead of me until I need to recolor, I BOUGHT A CAR!  Whoohooo!  WITH CASH!  Double Whoohoooo!  And it RUNS!  {the best part!}

Of course, I must thank the many people that make my difficult life possible…

  • Jess & Kendal for the use of their car {even though I had to keep it hooked up with 50 feet of extension cords!}
  • Kym for donating bus passes to me!
  • Ann Marie and Jon for the use of their car.
  • My roommate and my cousin who chauffered me around on desperate days.
  • To those of you who offered to teach me how to drive a 5-speed and borrow your cars.  {we can all be thankful that I didn’t borrow your cars…you know, with my learning curve and all}
  • And of course Turbo Tax for expediting my refund process…Turbo-liscious.

There were moments I was so tempted to just take out a loan, but God and I have had many conversations about remaining consumer-debt-free…something I have not always been.  Even though patience is not always my virtue, I somehow made it an entire month without a car.  I was ready to buy this week, and of course I called 4 used-dealers to set up test-drives with specific cars I had picked out from their web sites… WEEK!  Inner tension was building, and so of course my options were to either immediately trust and pray…or freak-out and panic.  Somehow I mustered a teeny-tiny bit of trust and mixed it with a desperate prayer for a GREAT DEAL to show itself.  I hopped on Craigslist {something I had done a bazillion and twelve times this month} and someone had literally JUST POSTED a car in beautiful condition, in my price range.  I emailed and recieved a call that night.  We set up a test drive for the next morning ~ as it turned out, we had mutual friends and I couldn’t have found a more trustworthy person to buy a used car from!  I then low-balled him on my offer, which he, of course, upped-the-anty…and we settled on something in between.

She’s an oldie, but a goodie…Announcing my 1999 Plymouth Breeze…fully unloaded {meaning no bells or whistles!} 🙂 and fully, 100% paid-for!  Which brings me to the last person I suppose I should be thankful for in this process.  God continually shows up when I call – not always in the ways I would imagine, but faithfully and beautifully just the same.

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  • Rock on! Your journey, your patience, and God’s provisions are so encouraging!

  • aaahhh.. can’t wait to cruise around in your awesome paid for new to you car! but you forgot a very important thing.. what color is it? let’s see some pics lady!
    congrats to you!
    pat on the back for you and a great big thumbs up!

    p.s. why didn’t I see red in your hair yesterday when I saw you? was I just not looking at you?


  • Congratulations on your new car! That’s so exciting 🙂 My cousin-in-law is in the same situation and I hope he finds something soon but it’s really difficult to deal with car-seller’s (private or company based) sometimes. I know he’s ran into a lot of those “sold this week” deals and I’ve been told that company’s have found a loophole in that so long as there never really was a car in the first place (or something like that, I can’t be quoted on it ^_^) they can’t be charged with false advertising. It doesn’t sound right to me… but I fully believe that dealerships put out false ads just to get the customers in the door. I’ve had too many bad experiences with them… lol. Anyways…. sorry for the mini-rant and congrats on not having to walk/take the bus/borrow other cars for hopefully a long time!

  • show pictures of this fully unloaded car please!! =)

    doesn’t it feel AMAZING paying CASH for such a big thing? I am so proud of you!

  • I send my congratulation to you for remaining debt-free! That is a real challenge these days! You will be blessed for your good stewardship!

  • Congratulations, Jenni! I hope that it turns out to be a rockin’ mobile!

  • Congrats Jenni- that is great news about your car, it’s awesome to hear how God works in mysterious ways to provide.

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