I have a big day ahead of me.

Today is the adult version of “Picture Day”…just without the luxury of getting retakes done a month later.  Several weeks ago I received a postcard in the mail reminding me that my driver’s license was about to expire.  It was a day of rejoicing, as my current photograph was taken just days after I had acquired adult orthodontics AND a bowl cut.  {Short Story:  In a desperate attempt to make myself feel beautiful after walking out of the ortho’s office, I went into a salon and asked for a “whole new look”…little did I know that when she spun the chair around, I would see Bowl Cut & Braces girl reflecting back at me.  End Story}

You can understand my anticipation for today’s photo op.  I wasn’t expecting myself to put so much thought into today’s DMV run, but here I am, putting thought where it shouldn’t be thunk.  It began when I decided to “lay out my clothes for tomorrow”, in case I am running late.  Alright fine, not “If” but WHEN I am running late.  I saw a sweater that might look nice, but then I thought it might make my shoulders look too football-player-ish for a Driver’s License photo.  So I pulled out a simple black shirt thinking “classic” was the way to go.  But it was a rounded neck, and Lord only knows I look better in V-necks!

Sigh.  I reached for 1-of-20 hooded, zippered items, but pulled back.  I wanted the cops to be so impressed by my photo that they let me off easy if…alright fine, WHEN I got pulled over.  Zipped-hoodies seemed a bit too casual for such an escape plan.  I found a pink shirt that I loved.  But then I realized, if I wore pink, it would clash with my red-{dish} hair.  Clashing = No good.

It was at that point I decided to move on to accessories.  I have a great pair of silver earrings that I had planned to wear tomorrow.  But then again, they are a bit big.  And they do resemble fishing lures…especially in a photo.  And then what if big earrings aren’t in style in 4 years?  I’ve got to remember that I’ll be living with this look for quite some time…

If that doesn’t seem like enough to deal with, I find myself  kicking myself for not throwing on a Crest Whitestrip over the past few days.  And let’s not even TALK about my unplucked uni-brow!  Oh the horror…

Yes, Picture Day always was a day to remember…and at this rate, it appears it always will be.

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  • You left us hanging wondering what you wore! 🙂 how did the picture turn out?! I’m sure you looked beautiful!

  • thank you for being willing to admit what most of us wont admit

    that we woman are ALWAYS vain! =)

    I am totally going to have to check out this new photo!

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