Craving In.

For quite some time now I have been 110% Minnesotan, with a “Awww, pipe down all you Winter Whiners!”  or with a “Just put another log on the fire already!” In an attempt to see the glass half full, I’ve always tried to consider the great things about winter:

1. Snow – it’s beautiful!
2. Snowshoeing and XX-skiing – super fun!
3. Caribou Coffee – cold hands are a great excuse for a quick stop…
4. Not having to wear a swimsuit…or shave your legs on a regular basis – ‘Nuff said.
5. Fireplaces – cozy!

When people complain about the cold, they’ve received nothing but an icy stare from me.  It’s Minnesota!  What do you expect!  It’s not so bad when you actually WEAR the boots, the hat, the mittens, the scarf, the long underwear, the face mask, the snowpants, the earmuffs, the gators and the parka that sit in your closets…generally abandoned due to “cramping your style.”

Then, just like that, I CRAVED.  I don’t know what happened to me, but in one swift moment this past week, I CRAVED Spring like I had never craved it before, and I have not been able to settle back into my Scroog-ish-Winter-ish ways!  My winter boots became waterlogged thanks to the SLUSH, then my feet got cold…which is just the WORST POSSIBLE winter occurrence.  Cold, wet, waterlogged feet.  So I craved. I craved Spring like I had never craved it before…

Suddenly it was like I realized that my “glass that was half full” was FROZEN due to the frigid temps, which made me realize that the glass never was “half full”…this whole time I’ve had it ALL WRONG!  My glass was actually HALF EMPTY all these years, and I had been duped into thinking optimistically!

What was WRONG with me?  Those foolish optimists…don’t they KNOW how bad we have it?!?!?!

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  • That’s what I love about the Pacific Northwest, we had a light dusting of snow in November and it got scared off by all the hippies around here it hasn’t been back since! 😉 If it helps, I’m very familiar with wet feet though… I haven’t quite caught up on the whole rainboots idea…

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