Miracle on {Cypress} Street

She always wanted to be a mom.  A mom of “at least” seven…but probably more like 12.  That’s what she would tell me when we were younger anyways.  I didn’t want to burst her bubble and tell her that’s more like a “litter” of kids, but to each his own, right?

Several years ago, my friend Ann Marie and her husband Jon decided to start trying – or stop preventing – whatever way you look at it, it was Baby Makin’ Time!  Yet for some couples, wishing and praying and trying and “not preventing” and medications and visits with infertility specialists and eating right and taking temps and buying expensive ovulation kits and crying and hoping and wanting and dreaming does not always end with a pregnancy.  For my dear friends Ann Marie and Jon, this was the case.  It was devastating.  It was awful.  There were times sitting in her dark parked car that we both just wept and prayed.  It was as if everyone in the world was pregnant except her.

Except her.

As time went on, her body began to react negatively to the infertility drugs that she was taking as their last resort.  After a long, painful journey, the doctors took her off all meds…a terribly sad ending to to their journey towards parenthood.

Hold on.  Did I just say ending?  Silly me.  I meant beginning…

Within a couple months, they filled out their preliminary adoption paperwork and sent it in.  Her husband left on a road trip to Colorado with buddies and they were seeking healing for their hearts with the expectation they would never become pregnant.  Jon had been in Colorado for just a few days when Ann Marie left me a message to call her.  We chat often, so it wasn’t odd for her to leave me this message – yet the sound of her voice told me otherwise…

I called her and we’re small talking…I ask, “How are you?”  She says, “I’m Pregnant.” and starts to cry.  Being the thoughtful, encouraging friend that I am, I said, “You are not!!!!!!!!!!!”  (sweet aren’t I?)   Her husband was out of town for another few days and I’m pretty sure that was the longest 3 days of her entire life.

On Friday, a miracle was born.  I know every baby is “a miracle.”  Yet as I sat next to Jon as he told me the story of the birth (unexpected c-section) and his first few moments of fatherhood in that nursery alone with the baby – we just wept.  With snot and tears and mascara dripping all over my face, I entered the room to see my friend and their “miracle.”

Miracle:  an extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.

Welcome Jeremiah Paul!

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