Forty Five.

The age of Sandra Bullock.

The number of songs on my favorite iTunes playlist.

A highway that runs from Lake Superior to the Gulf.

The # of miles I biked through a desert canyon, alone, circled by vultures in 116 degree heat, with just a water bottle and granola bar.

The cost of an hour-long facial by yours truly.

The average inches of snowfall in a MN winter.

The number of days left until I GRADUATE with my 11-year degree!
{aka – my B.S. in Communications}

You may have noticed some dust collecting on the Jenni Adventures in recent weeks.  I apologize.  It’s been a ghost-town around this site, much to my dismay.  Let me assure you that this will not always be the case.  In fact, forty-five days from now I’ll be serving virtual sheet cake and sherbet punch with napkins that read “Congrats Grad!”

People often ask me, “How does it feel to be almost done with your 11-year degree?”  {okay, actually nobody asks me that, but for the sake of writing material, let’s just go with it.}  To which I respond, “It feels horrible.”  When it comes to 11-year degrees, let me just say, “almost done” is the worst part.  I’m ready to be just plain old “done” – no almost‘s attached.

I mean really, the word “almost” is just a Debbie Downer kind of word.  Think about it.  Insert the word “almost” into anything you anticipate in life and it just becomes downright painful!  “He’s almost good enough to be promoted.”  or “She’s almost got a good enough singing voice to be on American Idol.”  or “I almost ran hard enough to win the race.”  Now take out the word almost and re-read it.  Refreshing, isn’t it?

Lately, working full-time and taking 19 credits has been enough to put me over the edge.  Well, almost.  Hmmm, perhaps there’s a time and place for that dirty old word after all…

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  • But it must feel really good, to know that the end is 45 days away. Congats to you, Jenni. Enjoy that sheet cake and pink punch!!!!

  • There is another side to this word that is actually invigorating, that moment of anticipation. Remember the time when it was ALMOST sunset as we sat overlooking Mountain Lake in the BWCA, I wouldn’t trade that ALMOST moment with you for anything. Love you Jenni and I am proud of you!

  • haha…I am so proud of you! I don’t know ONE single person who has ever graduated with an ELEVEN year degree!

    not even ALMOST!

    yeah for you!

  • I’ve got my Jenni for Prez shirt all ready to go for your special day! 🙂

  • I just got in my car and drove to MN, to give you a hug then drove back here in time for dinner. Well, almost. It is what I should have done. BTW, my number is 49. that’s how many days old Quinn is. and that’s exactly the same amount of days that he wishes he could have met the famous Jenni.

    You can do it. 45 is not that long, just ask Quinn, he’s WAY past that. 🙂

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