My Gift to YOU!!!

Once upon a time Jen decided to have a fundraiser for Young Life kids to go to camp by giving facials to women who love pampering. Which means all women. Which means you.

Webster defines a facial as “a treatment to beautify the face”.
I describe facials as “pure bliss”.

By spending $50 you are helping a student who can’t afford to have the “best week of their life” go to camp! Some women feel guilty for spending money to pamper yourselves…which is why this opportunity is SO GREAT! No guilt here – my gift to you is a FREE FACIAL for your donation of $50.

If you’ve never had a facial before here is the low-down: ONE HOUR…shoulder massage, full hand/arm massage, 2 masks, essential oils, a scalp massage, warm aromatic steam towels and combinations of other oils, creams and cleansers!

Reach Jen at 612.598.2632 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 612.598.2632 end_of_the_skype_highlighting to book and/or help support this cause by copying this post to your blog! How great to raise money to help kids hear about Jesus for the first time this summer!!!

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