Let’s have a little looksie…

This morning I was running late…nothing unusual…so I was putting on my makeup while driving. Again, nothing unusual. I got to work and just started working, chatting with my co-workers at the copy machine for a bit, walking around the building getting my mail, giving the finance guy my expense report, talking to my supervisor, etc. After several hours, I realized I had not really looked in the mirror yet, after putting on all my make-up in the car and had better do a little looksie in the bathroom.

By the sounds of this story, you may be thinking I had red lipstick smudged on my cheek, or perhaps some mascara under my eye…I wish. No, no – in all the hustle and bustle of the morning, I had forgotten to zip my pants. So there I stood – dumbfounded in the bathroom staring at the gaping front of my pants. That’s more of Jenni Carlson than I care to reveal to my co-workers!

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  • I guess it could be worse.. like having spaghetti (including crumbs of garlic bread) all over your face while you wait for your cool roommates to come home. I seem to remember that you were the cool roommate and I was the one waiting. 🙂

  • Don’t you hate that? I also have had that horrible experience. The worst is when you are around a group of people you don’t know so well and look down to notice your zipper unzipped…then wait for a moment to quickly excuse yourself for the fix!

  • It makes me feel better to know that a really “with it” gal like you could have this happen, someday. because it has happened to both my husband and me but I’m attributing it to our age!! So far it’s only happened at home otherwise we may be “put away” Boy, the things a person admits to on blogs!! I’m scaring myself!!

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