Secret Addiction

Most people in my life know about my secret addiction. If you’re not in the loop, welcome, because today you are now in the loop. I have been an Enrique Iglesias Super Fan for many years now. There’s nothing like the opening beat to “Escape” – and those piano notes that start “Hero”? Let’s just say that it brings a tear to my eye. (apparently I have only 1 eye)

I recently joined his Fan Club, which I had been wanting to do for a long time, but didn’t have enough money to buy the E.I. Hooded Sweatshirt – so I held off until I could save enough cash. A couple weeks ago it got mailed to my parents house. I made my sister Lisa drive it to Fridley for me – then I wore it all day. And all the next day. And to church the next morning.

When I saw my little sister Emily that Sunday afternoon she looked at my sweatshirt and then at me and replied, “Didn’t you wear that to bed last night?” To which I replied, “SO!?” in a very defendant tone. What can I say? I heart Enrique!

* DISCLAIMER: I, Jenni Carlson, do not support the lyrics of “One Night Stand” or his “Tired of Being Sorry” music video *

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  • Jenni that picture of you is adorable!

  • Did you dye your hair since the last time I saw you? Maybe it’s all of that Florida sun that you’ve been getting. It’s really chic. Wait.. I’m not cool enough to use the word ‘chic’. I’m not even sure if i spelled it right. so I’ll rephrase. It’s looks hot. 🙂

  • you ARE adorable! But I didnt know it was you at first…your hair looks SO BLOND! O ;pve ot!-

    uh, that last part is “I love it ” with my fingers on the wrong keys!

  • Oh my goodness!! That is hysterical!!! I love the music video with him dragging his sweaty fingers along the hallyway….Yum!
    I hadn’t thought about good ol’ Enrique for awhile! Thanks for the flashback and the laugh!

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