Spa Capsule Allergies

It was another day at The Office. I was introduced to a new guy – a Latin American guy…We’ll call him, “Enrique” 🙂 That afternoon my supervisor said she was giving “Engrique” a training on spa capsules that I should probably sit in on. Spa Capsules are the size of jet skis and with the appearance of a large egg or possibly space ship depending on where your imagination takes you. You climb in, pull the top down over you so you are encapsulated and then it proceeds to heat up to 120-180 degrees, with a vibratory massage and music. Very relaxing. So during the training, my supervisor said, “Why don’t you each climb in one to experience the Spa Capsule.” There were two of them side by side – these 2 in particular don’t use water, so of course you’re fully clothed. My supervisor went to go clean some things up, so it was just me, Enrique and the quiet music. Suddenly I got this terrible urge to sneeze. This was no time for a Spring allergy flare up, but my body wouldn’t listen to my pleas. The problem is that your arms are trapped in the spa capsule, only your head is sticking out. Above your head is a screen that has all the functions on it. And then there it was…”Ah-Ah-Ah-CHOOOOO!!!” The force of the sneeze launched my head forward, no control whatsoever, and WAH-POOM! – my face hit the screen in front of me.

Yes, my face hit the screen, full blast. I wasn’t sure if my nose was bleeding or not, but I lay there half-unconcious for the rest of my session, unsure if the stars I was seeing was part of the program or the end of my life. Enrique just quietly lay there…unsure of what to say in such awkward circumstances. “Will you marry me” might have been appropriate. Thanks a lot Enrique…thanks a lot.

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