Miss Communicating

Last night I took off my Black Lingerie and pulled out a bottle of Port…and this morning, I woke up to Management in my bed.  If only I were kidding, but I guess that’s why this blog is called Adventures with Jen.  Without all the drama and scandal, I’d have to rename my site The Jen.  Honestly, that just sounds like a barbaric steroid-pumped female wrestler.  To which I am not…unless I suppose, this Communication degree thing doesn’t work out, in which case I will consider it.

Communication.  I am graduating with a degree in it in 18 days, 2 hours, 16 minutes and 54 seconds {not that I’m counting}.  At that point I will probably make photocopies of the diploma and use it as my new letterhead, fold one up and put it in my wallet {in case I need to show the clerk at the gas station}, and of course frame one to go above the towel bar over the toilet.  Yes, that piece of paper will be nice to finally have.  Proof that I am an EXPERT in Communicating.

Yet, there is one little problem.  I find that instead of being Miss Communicating, I am often miscommunicating.  I somehow still think people should be able to read my mind, understand my intentions, fill in the blanks {with the right information}, and so on.  How can this be?

For example, last night I took off my nail polish called Black Lingerie, and pulled out another color to put on, called Port.  I still had some studying to do for a class and must have fallen asleep during my reading, because I woke up to my Management book in bed with me.  Wait, are you trying to tell me that’s not what it sounded like at first?  There I go again…Miss Communicating is miscommunicating.

As I gear up for graduation, I realize that mastering communication is more than just a 4-year process {or even an 11-year process!}.  While there are no words to explain how THRILLED I am to finally {almost} be done with classroom learning, I am equally as THRILLED to {almost} have more time to study communication {among other topics!} on my own.  Books like Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend, Proverbs by King Solomon, and Born to Win by Dr. Kevin Leman sit half-read on my shelf, ready to be soaked-in and applied.  Miss Communicator is always on the lookout for inspiring reads…which makes me wonder…

Do you have any recommendations for my bookshelf?

*P.S. Due to getting 128 spam-comments per day {not joking}, I put a WordPress log-in to moderate this.  I still love comments if you’d like to create a WordPress account, otherwise email me at:  jen@adventureswithjen.com

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