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I recently went on a quest…well, actually it was just a short 7 minute drive – quest just sounds cooler…to the doctor in search of answers.  It seems that for awhile I’ve just had this unbearable Chronic Fatigue that makes me so {yawn!} sleepy!  I’ve tried the basics:  Sleep (duh.)  More water.  More caffeine.  Less caffeine.  White noise machine.  Alright, I’m not sure what else I’ve tried, but I’m sure there were other things.  Anyways.

My blood work came back great…except for low levels of Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin – which doesn’t surprise me.  A woman came into the store the other day, looked straight at me and said, “You know why I just LOVE coming to shop here?  You guys make me not  feel so…WHITE!” Uhhhh, thank you????

Every night after work, all my slow-moving brain can think about is how TIRED I am!  Because of this, I spend the next several hours in misery, TRYING to accomplish SOMETHING but really accomplishing NOTHING just dreaming of going to bed.  Sigh.  It’s all very torturous and cruel.

The past several days I’ve decided to listen to my poor, exhausted self and just take a 2 hour nap after work.  At first I tried to resist.  I feared I wouldn’t be able to sleep that night.  I feared I was lazy.  I feared I would miss out on something fun…{like staring at the wall, wishing I could go to sleep?}  Although it takes all my energy to get up after 2 hours, I am like this NEW person!  It’s like I live 2 different days in 1, and it’s actually working for me!

My first shift is my work day, giving stress relieving massages and spraying hairsprays like they’re fog machines.  Then I sleep for 2 hours.  I wake up for my second shift: tackling anything and everything I had ZERO energy to do before {bills, biking, blogging, blaundry}.  Of course, I do stay up late because I napped, but I LOVE staying up late anyways.  It feels like secret-time that no one else in the world knows about because they are all sleeping.

I once read about a famous guy, an Army general or something, who “lived two days in one” because he separated his day with an afternoon nap.  He could not live any other way.  I tried to look him up right now, but for some reason Google isn’t responding to my search for “famous guy took naps lived two separate days.” Shocker, huh?  If you’ve heard of such a man, let me know…and if you, like me, just feel EXHAUSTED all the time, experiment with “2 days in 1” – who knows, it might just become one of Oprah’s Favorite Things.

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  • I have been extra tired lately, too! But I don’t know if I could really do the two hour nap…maybe just one hour. 🙂

  • That’s why I want to create a nap nook in my office!!! We truly are kindred spirits.

  • Happy napping Jenni- don’t feel bad about it, embrace it.
    I LOVE naps!

  • Thank you for making me feel less guilty about my two week habit of daily two hour naps. 😉 I know what you mean about breaking the day up! Pre-nap day and post-nap day. It means only having to go about 6 hour stretches before looking forward to sleep again. Glorious.

    Also, are you now taking a Vitamin D supplement? Past two weeks as an exception, I’ve noticed that it has helped me tremendously. It takes a few weeks or even a month or two before I really noticed a difference, but it really helps! (I found one that has 5,000 I.U.–that should be the minimum recommended amount for a Minnesotan)

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