Friday Night Flash

Snuggled into the couch cushions on Friday night, I had my laptop and financial paperwork piled around me.  I was in this crazy “budgeting and spreadsheet” mood, and believe me, I gotta take advantage of that mood when it comes around my block.  As I calculated and input-ed and output-ed and put my left foot in and shook it all about {banking hokie-pokie…serious stuff}, I was soon distracted by the RAGING thunderstorm outside.

The sky was an eery-flourescent-green, and there were no breaks between the clapping thunder and flashes of lightning.  I will admit, I LOVE thunderstorms, but this one was particularly LOUD and felt a bit too close for comfort.  Turns out “close” was an understatement, as a tremendous thunder/lightning combo set off our building’s fire alarm.

After 20-minutes of laying on the couch and plugging my ears I shouted, “For the love of spreadsheets, would ya SHUT UP!” I got my wish, as lightning struck our building and the power went out.  Awesome.  Stumbling around, I lit a ridiculously large number of candles and sat.  No internet.  No computer solitaire.  No movies.  No cooking.  TRAPPED! After 37 seconds I couldn’t take the boredom, so I asked myself the all-powerful question…

W.W.L.D? {What Would LauraIngallsWilder Do?}

Over the course of the next 4 hours, I attempted to read by candle-light, sweep in the dark, text {alright, so I’m a “Laura-in-Progress”}, and finally…take a nice long bath.  Because the power was still out, I only {partially} covered myself and found my {partially} nude self’s way to my bedroom in the dark…

When allllll of a sudden…THE POWER CAME BACK ON.  After FOUR hours of darkness, the power waited until the exact moment that I was {partially} nude with ALL the window shades WIDE open.  I let out a blood-curdling scream – “I’MMMM NAAAAAKED!!!!!” {statin’ the obvious…super smooth.}

As I found out, there really is no graceful way to hold up a teeny-tiny-towel while mad-dashing to yank down the shades…with a queen sized bed AND two bikes in your path!  Yes, it’s true – Friday night’s lightning was not the only “flashing” going on in Minneapolis!

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