The Perfect Haircut

Does it exist?  This is a dream that I am constantly chasing.  It has taken some definite “trial-and-error” through the years to discover that when I bring in a photograph of Jennifer Aniston and hand it to my stylist, I will not be leaving the salon actually LOOKING like Jennifer Aniston.  Again, this has taken me much, much, much too long to figure out.

Hairstyle magazines littering their coffee tables are filled with false promises.  The women in the books have had pros cut, color, and curl their locks to perfection…not to mention their faces are blemish-free, mustache-free, and double chin-free.  Yet I always believe that if I show my stylist “the girl on page 23” I will no doubt leave looking just like her. WRONG!

In a recent “what-should-I-do-with-this-hair-that’s-it-I’m-shaving-it-all-off!” moment, I stumbled across one of those websites where you upload your picture and can then “try before you buy,” if you will.  Gone are the days of trying to convince myself I have the same face shape and coloring of Rihanna.  I could not WAIT to create a whole new virtual me!

As it turns out, Virtual Me is even more unsatisfactory than Real Me, which brings me back to square one of trying to discover my Ultimate Perfect Haircut.  I suppose it would be unfair for such a perfect person to have such perfect hair (confident ugly-hair flip).  Until next time, dear friends, please enjoy a little taste of Virtual Me…

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  • I actually had a dream about getting my hair cut that turned out to be, um, prophetic? I was living in Seattle at the time (in my waking hours) and dreamt that I had to ride my bicycle to Canada (just go with it) to the Supercuts to have my hair cut. In all of my dreams, I sort of rewind and replay them a few times (guess my subconsciousness is as slow as my consciousness…) so I “rode” to Canada a few times and each time they cut my hair shorter and shorter. By the end of the dream, my hair was shoulder length (something I hadn’t done since 8th grade when it looked TERRIBLE!) but with certain layers and it looked great! So at 23 I took that look to the stylist and described it to him and it is the first haircut I’ve ever been happy with.

    Why couldn’t my prophetic dream have been a little more important? Like “This is the person you’re supposed to marry!” or “Here’s today’s Lotto numbers!”

  • Wow, at least you know how to go incognito now!!!

  • I don’t care what haircut you choose…but please OH PLEEEAASSEEEE make sure you always wear those glasses!!

    it does my heart good!!!


  • I….LOVE….YOU!!! Thanks for making me laugh out loud 🙂

    (PS I do like a couple of those on you)

  • LOL at those pictures! Hilarious!

  • I say “go big or go home!”

  • you are funny- very funny

  • I like top row, middle. Harry Potter at the bottom is cute too. 🙂

  • Ohhh go with bangs!

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