Big Flaming Ball of Purpose

Look outside for a second.  Go ahead, take a peek.  Most likely you can see the sun (or perhaps the moon and stars), depending on the time of day.  From where I sit there’s a nice grove of trees swaying in the wind.  I see some cars…and some railroad tracks too.  Quite frankly, I look at all of these objects and I’m a bit jealous of each of them.

The sun – that big ball of burning fiery flames – knows exactly what it’s supposed to do each day.  It rises in the morning, gives us light all day long, and goes down in the evening.  The trees, with their leaves being tickled by the wind, know exactly what they’re supposed to do each day.  Give a little shade, emit a little O2, and perhaps house a few critters in their canopies.  The cars sit expectantly, just waiting to do their job: getting us from point A to point B…while the railroad tracks are confident of their job as well.  They must hold tight to the box cars that roll through each day.

They all make it look so easy – having purpose.  They are equipped to do what they were created to do, and then they just do it.  They all seem pretty happy too.  Well, except my car {he’s cranky because his tabs are expired and needs an oil change}. But for the most part, they all seem light years ahead of me.

Going back to school was a great distraction from this topic.  The “what’s next” was easy to avoid when my so-called purpose was just to survive working and going to school full-time.  Sometimes I wonder, do I make all of this more complicated than it is?  Am I really created for something very specific?  …or should I just close my eyes, dip my hand into the jar of fortune cookies and go with it?

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  • Oh Jenni, I can relate so well. I tend to have a path planned and think, “this time everything will fall into place after I achieve/do this.”
    Once I had my B.S. and a job, I started graduate school in a topic I had ZERO interest in just so that I had something else, a what’s next! I did not finish that program (glad I didn’t as I would have done nothing with it and $60,000 in student loans).

    All I have to ask now is: what’s next for you?!? 😉

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