Dating Disasters Part 1: Win Products!

If you’re in the single stage of life right now, chances are you have (or have had) a profile on a dating website.  And chances are if you don’t have one, you’ve probably at least looked at other profiles “just for fun.”  And chances are, if you are single and telling me that you haven’t…you’re probably lying.

Co-workers, friends, acquaintances, and the check-out guy at Best Buy have profiles on one or multiple sites.  {Which made it a little weird to buy a power cord from someone I had never met…yet knew his name, Top 3 Life Skills, if he wanted children, and what he likes to do in his leisure time}.  Heck, even my grandmother has dated online.

Friends, non-friends, and even mortal enemies that I haven’t seen in years are popping up all over the World Wide Web, putting out their virtual vibe.  In a few years, you’ll hear mothers around the world telling their kids to create a dating profile so they can “meet someone the good old-fashioned way…the internet.”

The internet can be a great way to meet new people, and in fact, I have known people who have had great success…yet for every Happy Ending, there are 10 {thousand?} Bombed Endings.  Here at Adventures with Jen, we {cough, me} love a good story that makes you groan, laugh, roll your eyes or slap a hand over your mouth in horror…which is why this week is all about the “D-words”: Dating, Do’s, Do-Not’s, Dorky moments, Did {s}he Really Just Say/Do That?, Don’t Ever Call Me Again, and Darn…{s}he Got Away.

I want to hear YOUR funniest, worst, shocking dating moments – whether its via the internet or notwhether it was a million years ago, or last nightwhether it was you that turned red or it was allll them – all for the sake of free beauty products!  Big or small, I want them all.  Must be submitted by Saturday, August 7th 2010 via comment OR email:

One lucky winner receives Hand and Foot Relief in both large AND travel sizes! $55 Value!

Fine Print:  You can submit as many “moments” as you want – this is a drawing, not a contest, so every submission equals another entrance.  Stories that wish to remain anonymous will remain anonymous (just put that in the email).  Enter at your own risk…your story might be featured in Adventures with Jen…and it may be laughed at…really really hard.  If no one enters the contest, Jen gets to keep all product prizes without further notice.  If you are perfect and have never had a bad date, leave this blog immediately – OR, feel free to post your friend’s stories so we can laugh at THEM!  All entries must be true.

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  • Ah the dating stories I could tell you…, blind dates, recycling, older, younger, tall, short, rich, poor, straight, gay! Do I really even need to tell a story after that?

    I guess I created quite a stir on Match when I first joined because I wore a strapless shirt in my profile picuture that when downsized to fit the square, gave the illusion that I had nothing on!

    I really liked dating for about 5 years, but at an old 27 I decided I had enough. The Christmas-loving Christian hater was the straw that broke the camel’s back and I quit dating October 2007.

    *I do have three people very close to me that met and married their matches from Match.

  • I went out with a guy one time who
    filled up his 87 gallon gas tank with gas and revealed he “accidentally” forgot his check book at home and asked me to pay

    following this, being that had about $7 to his name he treated me to…McDonalds.

    Later he told me “please tell me if you think this is going to go anywhere, b.c I don’t want to spend a lot of money on you and then have you leave”

    for whatever reason I agreed to go out with him the next night…so we headed to a movie. Half way through the movie he spit his gum out on the FLOOR of the theater!

    yup…2 dates of terror

    which lead to 12 years of happy marriage and 5 fantastic kids =)

    I gotta go blog about this!

  • Jenni – I was going to ask if I could tell this one since it didn’t happen to me but I will go ahead anyway. Aunt Robyn is an identical twin. Uncle Steve asked her out and their first date was a double date with her twin sister and another guy. Steve says that he couldn’t tell them apart so he decided that whichever one got into the car next to him must be his date. The rest is history –

  • You must have gotten a lot of emails. 🙂 So I was on a double date once with another couple. When had gone hiking. My date and I were walking along when all of the sudden he leaned in my direction and SNEEZED a big wet snotty sneeze all over me… did I mention that he did it on purpose because he thought it would be funny. Just like Melissa something possessed me to marry him. However I have some catching up to do, only 8 years and 2 kids. Although I won’t be catching up on the kids aspect… just sayin’. 🙂

  • A friend of mine was actually working on a book about dating horror stories a couple of years ago. Here is 1 of 2 that I told her about…

    When I was 20, I lived in an area of town that would be considered…well, not-the-best. Smelling pot smoldering when I walked down the hall to my apartment was not unusual, and roaches were also semi-frequent visitors [shudder]. One day, as I was leaving the house to head to my second job, I noticed a note on my car (keep in mind I had only been home for about an hour and a half). One of my neighbors said he’d “seen me around” and “would like to get to know me better.” If I were interested, I should “meet him at his apartment on {a given day} at {a given time}.”

    Now, as intriguing as this all sounds (and, yes, I am being facetious when I say intriguing), I was thankfully dating someone else at the time (my future husband actually), so I politely declined his offer and left it at that.

    Within a couple of weeks, I saw a notice on the door of our building that he was wanted by the police for questioning. And, less than a month after he sent me the note, I walked in from work one day to see his front door completely gone! Apparently, he had holed himself up in there with guns, and the police had to break down his door to get him out!!

    Boy-oh-boy am I glad I turned him down for a date!

  • Dating horror story #2

    Again, this happened when I was 20 (so a long time ago–ha!).

    My best friend was working the drive-thru at McDonalds one day, when she met a guy that she thought would be perfect for me….and told him about me. At the time, I had just broken up with someone, and he had just broken up with someone, and neither one of us were exactly ready to begin dating just yet. Nevertheless, a few weeks later, he asked for my number, and she GAVE it to him (LATER telling me about it!).

    He called me, and sounded really nice. So, we talked. For HOURS. And, set up date for the following weekend.

    He picked me up in his hot little convertible, and we drove to a local theater to see the movie “Copycat.”

    So there I am, sitting in a dark movie theater, with a guy who is a virtual stranger, watching a movie about seemingly normal, nice guys who turn out to be serial killers. At this point, flashing red lights and sirens are going off in my head. I can practically SEE the morning headlines, and I’m wondering what in the HECK I was THINKING!

    As we’re leaving the theater, he sees his ex-girlfriend with some other guy, and takes my hand on the way out. I am trying not to freak.

    Then we get in the car and start driving, only I don’t recognize where we’re going. I am trying to breathe normally and keep my voice non-shrill. But, I am only semi-successful at not completely flipping out.

    He takes me to his house, to “play a game of pool.” And, a some point during the game, I realize that he really is just a nice guy who wanted to show me his house and play a game of pool. Then he takes me home.

    So, the moral of the story is: Do not see a movie about serial killers on a blind date. Your adrenal glands will thank you!

  • I just remembered a 3rd, and I can only say in my defense that I was very young and a teensy bit naive at the time.

    I was driving home one night…down main street, and some guy in a pick up motioned for me to pull over. And, [stupidly] I did. He starts buttering me up left and right, then asks for my number. Which I [stupidly] gave him (turns out that he knew my cousin, so somehow that made it okay).

    He called a couple of times, and we talked. Then, one night he called, and it was 8:30-9-ish, and after talking for a bit, he asked if he could come over. Cautiously, I said yes.

    Going from bad to worse, I lived in a studio apartment, so my living room was also the bedroom.

    In some sort of perverse attempt to impress me, he starts talking about his, um, bedroom exploits. (I’m sure you can see where this is heading.)

    Next thing I know he’s in his underwear (and I still can’t tell you how that happened, as I showed next to NO interest in that), and I am telling him he needs to leave NOW.

    I am not, nor will I ever be somebody’s “booty call” girl, (even if that movie didn’t come out until a couple of years after this incident).

  • I might be entering this one multiple times…oh the dating stories I have.

    this series will be called “The set up’s”

    I get set up on dates on a regular basis. It usually ends up with me thinking, “really, THIS is who they are setting me up with…oh brother.”

    Set up number 1: My usual routine for Sunday is to get up and ready for the day, go to Church, get together with some friends afterward, play all day, then go home and relax. This particular day started out the same as all of the rest…until I got to Church. One lady in the congregation had met a guy the day before who was about my age and single. Seeing that he was new to the area she conveniently invited him to Church to “come and meet some of the young folk.” The only thing is that I am the ONLY young person in my Church. After the service she introduced us and our conversation went as follows:

    Lady: “Lisa, what are you doing after Church today?”
    Lisa: “I am getting together with some friends today.”
    Lady: “Great Adam (who is the new guy) can come with you! It’s perfect, have fun today.”
    Lisa: “uuhhh…uuhhh…uhh…ok.”

    This man who I was set up with reaked of smoke, was covered in tattoos, every other word was a curse word, and all he talked about was smoking pot…yup good set up there. He came and hung out with my friends and I a few times until he decided to move back to his home state…wherever that may be.

  • set up number 2:

    There were a few people that told me about this particular man. Single awesome Christian guy who is a teacher at a Christian school. I had to stop at this school to pay for a bus that we rented and as I was standing there the ladies in the office got really giggly. As I turned I realize that they had gone and gotten this teacher out of class to come and meet me. our conversation was nothing more than stating our names, shaking hands, and him walking back out the door. Well that was awckward. About a month later he called me, and I agreed to go out for coffee…he was hungry so decided last minute that we needed to go out for dinner…at a nice restourant… he shared how big of an introvert he is and that he does not enjoying being around lots of people, he loves to read deep theology books for fun, and shared about the differencec in different Church denominations. I on the other hand talked about how much I love being around people (the more the merrier), I love to get out and do all sorts of activities for fun, and I read childrens books. He dissagrees with having women in ministry…I am a youth leader.

    We visited quite awhile and more than once. Later he called and said “I don’t see this going anywhere” I replied with “perfect me neither, but atleast we got another friend out of it!” To which he stated “I am not friends with girls unless it is for a specific purpose, so no we are not friends.”

    Now I get to say – well atleast I got a good story out of it!

  • let’s go back a few years…set up story #3:

    There was a guy named Mike that I had become friends with from a different town. Some of his friends and I had decided to plan a surprise birthday party for him. We would meet at an applebees near his church and party there. When I showed up I looked around and the only one there was this friend Mike…His friends had told him about the party and he uninvited all 20 or so others so that it would just be the two of us…I guess that I ended up being the one surprised!

  • Wow! These stories are awesome/horrible! I feel so relieved/left out/surprised that I have no disaster of my own to share. Maybe *I* was the dating disaster that grown men now talk about on blogs in order to win WD40 or duct tape. Eek….this is entirely possible.

  • It was senior prom and I went with my boyfriend at the time. He used his brand new GPS in his car to get us VERY lost on our way to the dance… We drove almost 3 hours out of the way before I finally convinced him to call someone and find out where we were supposed to go. When we got there, he got in a fight with my best friend, swore at her and made her cry. Then at the after-prom-party (where he was the only person I knew), he ditched me and went canoeing with some friends, leaving me alone in the house for the rest of the night while everyone else was making out. When he dropped me off at my house afterwards, I broke up with him :). That was a bad date!

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