San Jose, CA

I made the mistake of saying to myself as I was getting off the airplane today, “Wow, it’s amazing that I made a trip without anything weird, tragic or senseless happening to me!” I got off the plane with my purse and started chatting with my friend Jill on my cell. I walked out of the terminal, I waited at the bus stop, I boarded the bus to the car rental place, the bus made about 4 stops when suddenly I stopped Jill mid-sentence…

“Sorry to interrupt, by I, uh, just realized I forgot to get my luggage at the airport!”

Soooo, after a half hour I arrived BACK at the airport, went to the baggage claim where the conveyer belt sat isolated, lonely and empty. I had to pay Mr. Lost Luggage Man a visit. Lucky for me, purple luggage is easily identified…

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