Dating Disasters: Part II

Oh friends, how you made me laugh and feel SO much better!  Thanks for the stories of Dating Disasters and congratulations to Lisa in Montana – the winner of the prize drawing!  If you haven’t read the s0-bad-so-sad-but-oh-SO-FUNNY dating disaster comment/stories in Part I, take a few moments to enjoy…in the meantime, here is a quick one from the drawing winner herself:

There was a guy named Mike that I had become friends with from a different town. Some of his friends and I had decided to plan a surprise birthday party for him. We would meet at an applebees near his church and party there. When I showed up I looked around and the only one there was this friend Mike…His friends had told him about the party and he uninvited all 20 or so others so that it would just be the two of us…I guess that I ended up being the one surprised!

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