Strange Gifts from Brazilian Men

Because I work at the retail store within the world headquarters of a beauty company, that often means we regularly work with people from all over the world.  China, Japan, Europe, Canada, and most recently…


Last week two young men from from Brazil were at the headquarters on business.  They came into the store, as guests often do, and browsed a few minutes before their morning meeting.

Moments later, something black and {blush} a bit silky lying on the floor caught my boss’ eye.  Bewildered, she walked over and picked it up.  “IT” just so happened to be a pair of BLACK BRAZILIAN BRIEFS that somehow {?} slipped out of one of the men’s…

…well, I guess I’m not quite sure WHERE it slipped out from.  Did he go commando that day, yet at the last minute decide to stash a pair of briefs in his pocket “just in case?”  Could they have slipped down the pants leg and out the bottom, possibly from a previous day’s wearing?  Were they in the top of his briefcase and somehow got sucked out and onto the floor?

I guess we will never know.  We also will never know who put them in a manilla envelope and Inter-Office-Mailed them to my supervisor’s desk.  🙂  Hee-hee-hee…

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