Reach, Baby, Reach

What IS it about babies that just melt our hearts?  Seriously, it’s like the chubbier the thighs, the cuter they are.  I wish that was true for adults. Whenever I hold one {uh, a baby that is…not a chubby thigh}, the words that come out of my mouth are softer and sweeter.  Everything they do is simply amazing.  This little man pictured above has truly stolen my heart.  Although he is not mine, he is as close as they come – the baby of my dear friend who struggled with infertility, only to get pregnant by miracle much later.

This past weekend I was able to spend some quality time with them, as I was honored to be asked to take his 6 Month Photos.  {pictures to come!}  We had so much fun just sitting on the floor watching him – he didn’t do ANYTHING impressive – and yet, we were IMPRESSED! I would pull out my Juneberry lipgloss {mmmm!} and put it several inches out of his reach.  We then watched him struggle and stretch his arm, his teeny-tiny fingers spread to the max.  He strained and wiggled and grunted and reached…

I don’t blame the kid.  It’s my favorite color too!

His moment of victory came as his little pudgy fingers grabbed hold of the gloss, immediately covering it with his slimy drool.  My friend and I were cheering out loud for him the entire time, “You can do it Jeremiah!  Almost there!  REACH!” Once he had his prize, we clapped and laughed in delight at his accomplishment.  Then we gently pried the gloss away and once again put it just barely out of his reach.  He is so close to crawling – our delight was found in pushing him past his comfort level – his delight was found as he discovered ways to drag himself to his prize!

I can’t help but wonder if this story relates to our relationship with the Lord.  It would do me good to remember that He calls me his “child”…his kid, I suppose.  How easily I forget that he celebrates me – that he celebrates even my smallest successes.  And of course when life is feeling a little tough, or I don’t feel as if He is providing for me {aka – giving me what “I want!”} perhaps it’s that He is just pulling the Juneberry gloss gently away from my fingertips – not because He is cruel…but because He wants me to see how far I’m truly capable of reaching.

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  • Hi Jenni. I love this illustration. Only you could come up with it. It is so true.
    I love reading your website. Keep it up. I love you.
    Hoping your day is good.

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