Photography Adventure!

My baby album is the size of Texas.  It is packed full of pictures, silky brown locks from my first haircut, endless lists of shower gifts and guests.  There is no question left unanswered, no line left blank, and surely not even the smallest detail withheld.  I am the oldest child.

My brother’s baby book has a fair amount of photographs…however some wild-eyed 20-month old little girl is occasionally stealing his spotlight.  Most questions are answered, few lines are left blank and a good amount of details are recorded.  He is the second child.

My sister’s baby book has at least one picture that I can recall.  My folks did not purchase a baby book for her until some time later, after details had become a bit vague.  With three kids under the age of 3 1/2, you can imagine that many questions were unanswered, lines left blank and the only detail that was recorded was the peanut butter and jelly finger prints from Child 1 and 2.  She is the third child.

There is one more Carlson kid to account for…at least, I think there is.  However, we have no baby book to prove it…much less any pictures!  Can you guess what number she is?  Yep, she is the last born.  Because I was 10 years old when she was born, I felt a motherly-kinship for her.  It also just so happened to be the same year that I got my first camera {hot pink with a 5-inch tall snap-on flash!} – so we actually have TONS of pictures of people holding her at the hospital.  The only problem?  All their heads are cut off.  {I was a little shorter back then!}

Lucky for me, I got to redeem my baby-photographing skills this past weekend!  Forgive the imperfections…I’m new to all of this!  Lucky for me, I had an ADORABLE model!  🙂

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