Double Negative

Remember when I posted that I had broken a mirror? And that I was going to be having 7 years of bad luck? And how terrible that was because I am already a very unlucky sort of person? Well, as it turns out, I think there is a glitch in the whole “broken mirror system”…you see, the mirrow I broke had TWO SIDES. One side was a magnifying mirror (sick) and one side was a normal mirror. Well, I broke only ONE SIDE…which actually means that my bad luck was cancelled out and I suddenly now have GOOD LUCK (double negative or something?)

BECAUSE MY HAIR SALON CALLED AND I WON A HUGE-MONGOUS GIFT BASKET filled with giant-ultra-expensive Pureology shampoo and conditioner, a blowdryer, a bunch of Redken hair products, a hair treatment package, some Biolage products, and GIFT CERTIFICATES FOR A FREE FACIAL AND A FREE HOUR-LONG MASSAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sorry. You all hate me now. No really, (trying to stifle gigantic smile of joy), I’m really really sorry. No seriously (fingers crossed under the table) I’m super duper sorry. I’m totally NOT bragging (it’s opposite day). Really, it’s so hard to feel happy about this today with you scowling at me like that (cough, twinkly eye, cough). I better get going…I have to go shampoo my lovely locks.

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