To "B" or not to "B"? THAT is the question…

Choice A: Sleep in so I can get 30 extra minutes of completely INTERUPTED SLEEP by my snooze alarm every 5 minutes. Eat a granola bar on the car ride to work while putting on makeup in car.

Choice B: Wake up 30 minutes early and take a short walk on a beautiful sunny morning, dew still on the ground, make myself omelet and OJ, eat it on the back deck while reading some Proverbs. Do makeup in the bathroom like a normal person.

This morning was the first morning I chose option B in a loooong time. And today I felt like a completely alert, happy, energetic person. Even though I got an hour LESS sleep than option A.

Innnteresting. Veeeerrrrry interesting.

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  • I ALWAYS wonder why we are so inclined to chose option A when we just feel like crap, rushed, running late, and all jacked up while trying to get everything together in a quick amount of time…all for a few measley, interuppted minutes of sleep.

    makes NO sense!

  • Yes, that’s for sure. When we take time for God, He makes our day so much better. I love it when you read a Scripture and He makes it come “alive”!! Not saying that every day will be perfect and we sure learn and grow from the trials in life when they come. The other day those familiar verses from Prov. 3:5&6 came to mind. “Trust in the Lord with all ……etc. and at first I thought, “Lord, give me something more, those are so familiar.” I felt like He said “Yes, but now I really want you to pay attention to what they are saying and not just gloss over them.” I guess I was put in my place! Sorry, I just seem to be rambling. Enjoy some more of those option B Days!

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