When Milk Just Won’t Cut it.

Coke.  I was craving a nice, cold can of Coke.  So you can imagine my delight when I opened my refrigerator and saw a beautiful red can, standing out amongst the tupperware and milk cartons.  The halleluiah chorus started singing from above, and my eyes became wide with wonder as to where this Miracle Coke came from.

Neither of my roommates drink Coke.  It is only on a rare occasion that I buy it myself, and when I do, I save it for those moments when nothing else but a cold can will satisfy the Crave.  The only logical explanation for this beautiful piece of aluminum art in my refrigerator was that it was a can of mine that had been lost between lunch meat and leftovers…only to be found by a roommate and placed in my plain sight.

I popped the tab and lifted it to my lips.  I took a nice, cold sip…and then…

“…weird.” I thought.  Something just did not feel right.  I could tell that the little opening that touched my mouth was SQUARE-ish, instead of ROUND-ish.  It felt a bit…oh, how should I say…foreign?

That’s when I took a good look at the can and found out just how “foreign” it really was.  The writing all over the can was in JAPANESE and it took me less than a second to realize…I had opened a can of Coke given to my roommate as a souvenir from Japan!!!

Of all the shameful roommate confessions {shaking of the head}, I dreaded this most.  Couldn’t I have broken a plate, or put a dirty platter in the clean dishwasher or something?!  No.  I just HAD to get my dirty little hands on that can of Coke – that can that can only be replaced by flying across the world to purchase a replacement.

With flights to Tokyo starting at $1,158.00, this has got to be the most expensive IOU that I’ve ever had…

3 comments On When Milk Just Won’t Cut it.

  • Hopefully your roommate will understand, but if she doesn’t, I’ll go with you to Japan to retrieve a new can of coke. count me in!

  • Why was that special can of coke in the fridge just waiting for someone like you, with a craving for coke to snatch it up!!!!

    Oh Jenni, Jenni, Jenni- my niece is in Japan for another year maybe she can bring one back for you to replace that one:)

  • Jenni! Check out eBay — I just looked, and they have several different cans of Japanese Coke up for sale!

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