Crazy Cheap Spa Services FOR YOU!!!

Alright team, it’s rally time, which means CRAZY CHEAP SPA SERVICES FOR YOU!!! Being the Spa Educator for 4 states means I have to get my technical skills in TOP SHAPE.  I am dusting off my esthetics technique books, studying massage, aromas, pressure points, timing, balancing movements, and oh-so-much more…and I am looking for some MODELS to practice these facials on!

I am booking LONGER facials than ever before, for a CHEAPER price than ever before – All YOU have to do is get a spot before they fill up!  Read on for all the blissful info  🙂

*What? A 70 minute…yes, that’s right…70 minute spa facial for only $39.00
*When? Saturday, October 30th and Friday, November 5th
*Booking? Email with time preferences – like I said, it’s first come first serve!
*You will receive a confirmation email with: directions, your appointment time, and what to bring within 24 hours

Appointment times:

– October 30th, 10:00am –
– October 30th, 11:45am –
– October 30th, 1:30pm –
– October 30th, 3:30pm –

– November 5th, 4:00pm –
– November 5th, 6:00pm –
– November 5th, 7:45pm –

Looking forward to taking care of you, as you take some time for yourself!

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