That was close…too close.

I was recently with a high school girl who, when she took off her shoes, revealed two completely mis-matching socks.  My first thought was of course, “huh – her socks don’t match!”  My second thought was, “I wonder if that’s the cool new thing to do?”

Fast forward to the next day, where I was with a large group of friends and family at my parent’s house.  Across the room I noticed a young guy – early college – wearing two completely mis-matching socks.  My first thought was, “Huh – what a strange coincidence!”  But my second thought was, “It really MUST be the cool new thing to do!”

Moments later, there was a college-aged girl and you’ll never guess what she was wearing…  How did you know?!  Mis-matching socks!  I had to put an end to my madness, and asked her to fill me in on this sweet new trend so that I, too, could be cool.

She looked at me strangely – what cool new trend?  I just totally mis-matched my socks on accident today!  was her response.  The guy said the same thing.  And tracing back my steps to the high-school girl, her switcharoo was also accidental!!!  What are the ODDS?

And to think, I was getting REALLY excited to wear mis-matched socks to my job training today!  That was close…too close!

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  • Mmmm, I do think it’s the new thing to do. I host a high school girls’ Bible Study in my home and a month ago, they actually made fun of me for my matching socks. They thought it was the oddest thing. ????!!!!!!

    Maybe a new generation of moms just brilliantly gave up on trying to match all those bad boys out of the dryer and therefore a new generation of kids has grown up without the concept of sock matching.

    Do it, Jenni, I think all the kids would think you were the coolest.

  • Do you remember the word “puzzle” you used to have on your blog? I think I asked you about it a long time ago and you told me where to find them on line. A place where you just typed in the words you wanted to use and then they scrambled them around so some were vertical and some horizontal etc.? I can’t remember what they were called. I even used them on my blog but now I can’t remember where I found them. Can you help me?

  • Last week I headed to the mall for a quick eye brow wax (miss you Jenni!!) and it was my first time out after Alaina was born. So my sister-in-law and I went really quick and as we are walking in, I look down and notice that I have TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SHOES!! Different colors, styles, everything.

    My sister-in-law had to take a picture and text it to the whole family because…recently my mother-in-law walked around shopping with two left foot black sandals – one with a heel and one without!!

    No, this is not a trend and it’s bad for your arch supports. Don’t try it at home. Or at the mall.

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