Takin’ One For the Team

There is one thing that is REALLY difficult about my line of work.  I know everyone has something at their job that they find just really tough to deal with, but mine is REALLY hard to deal with.  It goes like this:

I’ll be in a skin care training and/or class and the instructor will say, “And now, is there anyone who is willing to be our model to practice our facial techniques?  Anyone?  Any willing, generous, humble spirit at all?”

Of course, I would just HATE to put any of my fellow co-workers into that position.  I mean, who wants to get paid to lay on a massage table under warm blankets only to have professional spa service providers apply oils, masques, cremes and massage blends to their skin?  Sounds just awful, doesn’t it?

So, before ANYONE else feels obligated to volunteer, I…yes, humble little me, quickly shoves them all out of the way to sacrifice my body for the team.  “PICK ME!!!  PICK MEEEEE!!!!!” I shout, as I practically knock over tables with my flailing arms.  “Ahem.  I mean {voice turns meek} – if I must take on this servant’s role so that others may practice their spa-skills, I will volunteer dear sir.”

As you can see, it is a very difficult part of my job – a heavy burden that I would just HATE to let a fellow esthetician bear.

Cue pre-recorded applause.  {humble bow}

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