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Top 10 Things to Do When You Lose Your Job:
1. Buy a filing cabinet. File things.
2. Get a facial.
3. Have a garage sale & sell all your stuff so you can pay rent. (and have less stuff)
4. Paint furniture. Yellow.
5. Sleep in.
6. Use FREE coupons for sunless tanning so that you can look like a streaky-tan girl and somehow boost your confidance all at once.
7. Have lunch with friends…DURING THE DAY!!!
8. Throw things away. Simplify!
9. Mow the field. I mean…the lawn.
10. Do thousands, if not 4, loads of laundry.

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  • hi Jenni, I just got laid off my job and I plan to do ALL of these things! lol! well except #9 because I don’t have a lawn. =) Thanks for the humor!

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