Good News, Bad News then more Good News!

From the date that I GOT the job until now has been like, 6 weeks.  Over a month ago, panic arose in my soul and I literally packed up my entire house into boxes within 48 hours.  I had sleepless nights of packing and midnight runs to the thrift store to unload massive donations into their drop-off boxes.  And there my house sat for weeks…full of boxes.  Well, that and my voice echoing through the halls…

“WHERE is my toothbrush?”

Yeah, I guess I shouldn’t have packed EVERYTHING within the first 12 seconds.  Hindsight.

Obviously as I sit here in MN at this moment, my relocation was delayed.  After dramatic goodbyes to all friends and family, I keep showing up places.  At first they seemed excited to see me…but after 6 weeks of this shenanigans, people are now to the point where they see me and ask, “Aren’t you gone yet?” Yeah, yeah, yeah people – you’re not rid of me that easily!

The past 2 days, the moving company has been RE-packing all of my poorly packed boxes {oops!} and packing new ones, wrapping and boxing furniture and as of last night, loaded it up.  My entire life’s worth of STUFF is now en route to Colorado!  I, however, am here till Sunday.

It was great and unexpected news that I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with my family…however that was not the ONLY unexpected news in this Adventure with Jen.  When the movers were at my house packing, one dude shouted out from my bedroom, “Can all this stuff go?” Busy with paperwork, I shouted back, “Yeah!  Go for it!” Hours later, after kissing them good-bye – well, actually there was no kissing, just waving – I walked around my very, very empty home.

On that day I sported jeans and a short sleeve shirt and some dress flats.  I walked into the living room…so, so empty!  I walked into the dining room…also very empty!  I walked into the kitchen…wow, I thought – I sure had a lot of crap! as it, too, was empty!  Then I made my way into my bedroom…

Empty.  The good news about having an empty bedroom {and home for that matter} was that the movers did a great and thorough job!  The bad news was…I BRAINLESSLY let them leave with ALL MY CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!  And I won’t be seeing any of my stuff for 8 DAYS!!! Let me reiterate, I was sporting jeans, a short sleeve shirt and dress flats.  Today was 20 degrees!!!!

Don’t worry though, I’ve got some more good news.  I found 11 pairs of underwear and a t-shirt in my dryer.  I’m not sure if that makes me extremely LUCKY or extremely UNLUCKY!

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  • So….Black Friday shopping trip for you? 🙂

  • Miss Jenni, you have some of the best stories EVER! After reading this post and then thinking about it for a moment, I literally giggled out loud. You really have to try and get a book deal with all of these crazy and funny stories you have told. Good luck with your move (today!) and the new job!!!

  • I always smile at your stories not only because I get to hear about what’s up with Jen, but also because I know you are not exaggerating. You are hilarious and I love you! Colorado is lucky to have you!

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