You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Y-man!

After 4 days in Colorado unpacking, pounding nails, and scrubbing surfaces, I finally feel at home and absolutely LOVE it here!  Today I did some work from home and then decided to venture out in the 60 degree {blissful sigh!} weather to run errands.

Stop Number One?  The YMCA to check into memberships.

Upon arrival, a friendly elderly woman named Steffie, greeted me.  I filled out necessary paperwork, had my photo ID taken and paid my dues.  When all was said and done, Steffie motioned for me to go check the place out.  Yeah, I thought, a self-guided tour sounds like a great idea!

Roaming the halls, I found the pool, weights, cardio, gym and last but not least, The Locker Room.  After reading the sign, I rolled my eyes, pushing open the door.  The sign read:  “Y-Men’s Locker Room.” What a stupid pun! I thought to myself. Really, Y-Men instead of Women?  Look who’s NOT laughing at that joke.  Me.

I proceeded to wander the Y-Men’s Locker Room as I continued to internally mock the door sign.  That’s when I stumbled upon my first Y-Man.  I rounded the corner of a set of lockers and stood within just a couple feet of “her.”  My first thought when I saw the topless, pantsless Y-Man was literally, “That woman has no breasts!” Then I noticed “she” was also very, very hairy.  Sadly, even these extremely OBVIOUS giveaways were not enough for me to catch on.  It wasn’t until I caught “her” with “her” hands “arranging things” in “her” teeny-weeny-not-so-yellow-or-polka-dotted-bikini bottoms {a.k.a. SPEEDO} that I turned in a panic and came face to face with another Y-Man.

That’s when it hit me.  The Y-Men’s Locker Room was not a play on words.  It was literally the Y{pause}MEN’S LOCKER ROOM! Red-faced-gulp.

I turned and ran through that locker room, giving me my very first work-out at the YMCA here in Colorado.  Although it was a very brief cardio blast, it was a big calorie burner just the same.  I know this because I was having trouble getting my heart rate to cool down as I raced past Steffie at the desk.  “Leaving already, dearie?” she shouted after me.

‘Fraid so, Steffie.  ‘Fraid so…

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