Just Another Day on Oceans Avenue

I arrived in Long Beach, California last night where I’ll be training for the rest of this week.  Let’s just say, I’m not in Kansas anymore.  {or Denver either}

First of all, I’m staying in a gorgeous hotel on Oceans Avenue, which means that Yellowcard’s song “Oceans Avenue” has been on repeat in my head for the past 26 hours.  That, with the occasional chorus of “Hotel California” mixed in.  Makes for an interesting combo.

Because my flight was during the dinner hour and arrived late evening, I was famished.  You can then imagine my excitement as I dipped my hand into a bowl of cookies in my 5-star hotel’s lobby…only to have the excitement fade when I realized it was actually a bowl of DOG BISCUITS.  Turns out the Eukenuba National Championship {think “Best in Show“} was in its final round yesterday.  Well behaved purebreds were struttin’ their stuff under the glow of the lobby chandeliers as men with suits and white gloves opened doors for them.  I was so desperate to just grab hold of their cute, furry little faces and shnuggle-the-wittle-cutesie-wootsie-puppy-dogs…but I feared their stone-faced owners would slap my hand, so I refrained.

Today I had my first celebrity sighting for the week.  My co-worker and I were on a happenin’ strip at Starbucks, when suddenly she leaned over and whispered, “Don’t look now, but Sara Gilbert {TV show – Roseanne} is sitting right behind you.” So of course I said, “What?” in a loud voice and turned around to stare.  To which she then said even louder, “I said, Sara Gilbert from Roseanne is sitting right behind you!” Obviously, neither of us are from around here.  Sara promptly left.

My evenings include long walks on the beach, a King size bed, and room service deliveries of salmon and cheese cake.  It’s practically a honeymoon…only instead of a honey, I’ve got a briefcase full of “reading materials.”  As long as the little cleaning fairies continue to show up in my room after I leave each morning, you won’t hear me complaining!

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  • Sounds wonderful! Wish I was there! Dad showed me the picture you sent of the palm trees on his phone – picture size about 4 x 3 inches. It DID look like palm trees – very beautiful! I showed him my phone picture which was about 1 x 1 1/2 inches. I thought it still looked like pine trees. What can I say, I live in MN. Have a great week!

  • shush
    you make jealous.
    can’t wait to see and read more and become even more envious well just to make you jealous of me I’l ltell you this,
    Avery puked ALL over me this morning.. and i mean all over on my shirt, in my hair and then when he snuggled into me, it got all over my face too.
    Aren’t you jealous? 😀
    we miss you!

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